We are a company dedicated to the marketing of virgin resins, post industrial and post consumer.

Our interest is to satisfy our customers.


We are in Caracas, Venezuela, where we are changing and innovating industry offers. We are expert in recycling have very experienced staff.


Our services range from the manufacture, commercialization to the brokerage broker doing the work of reaching many countries on different continents.


Plastics production involves the processing of polymers in the chemical industry. Today the recovery of plastics for recycling is essential. Part of finished plastics industry used directly as grain or resin. More frequently, various forms of molding (injection, compression, rotation, inflation, etc.) or profile extrusion or yarns are used..

Big bussiness

Plastic is one of the most used in everyday life Faced with this reality, reuse plastic materials becomes an attractive business opportunity. Why?. The business of plastic moves annually 500,000 million dollars more becoming a huge business. The plastic is present in everything we do. We invite you to participate in this business through our company, join the winning initiative of this great world of recycling.

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